Capsule Dragons Adventure Demo- Out Now!

The demo of Capsule Dragons Adventure is officially released!

Play two sample levels—a platforming one, and a battle against a boss—to see what this new game is like. You can play using a keyboard or controller, and play with up to three extra players. You can play with your friends, family, friendly family, or whoever!

There are new gameplay features, including collectible Mini Reactor Cores, multiplayer, and more! In this demo, there are Capsules you can collect. As usual, your dragon will level up by defeating more enemies. Have fun exploring and battling!

Players: 1-4

Platforms: Mac OS X or Windows.


How to download the demo below:

The Build-Windows file is for players who want to play the demo on a Windows operating system computer, and the Mac one (with the .app extenstion) for players who would like to try out the demo for the Mac OS X platform.

These two links below are the links to download the demo of Capsule Dragons Adventure.