Development Updates (April-May 2019)

I’m starting a new section of updates focused on game development updates, the updates in particular! While I may be announcing Capsule Dragons updates, I’m also working on a RPG that’s been worked on across 3 years so far, with the revision process currently undergoing (a free demo will be here soon!).

While not always busy with Capsule Dragons, I hope you readers of the Capsule Dragons news site will enjoy to hear that I’ve been working on / playtesting a few of my other game projects I have going on. I’m still taking a break from Capsule Dragons Adventure, and a short break from Super Speedy Laser Cats (a new platformer battle game. For 2-4 players. Lots of fun in multiplayer, but… controllers are required.) so that means it’s RPG development time!!

While I can’t talk about the RPG directly, because a lot of subtle info is subject to change, I can mention the kinds of updates I’m making. Here are a few things I’ve done over the month: -Text dialogue edits (Making it so characters have more suitable dialect to their personalities, and making some dialogue a bit nicer, since there are grammar issues) -Stat edits (This will be important to get feedback on. While this RPG is for beginners and experts, I want it to have a fair playing ground all can enjoy. That means things like enemy hit points and player damage and other statistics have been altered, while making it faster to level up) -Map edits (Map edits are kind of special. While details aren’t always noticed by the player, I’ve been adding details to areas of the game that are too plain, while making these areas nice-looking and organized. Feedback on the demo’s areas will be helpful too, once I release a demo).

I’ve been busy with a lot of focus on just the RPG project, so I hope anyone who plays the demo that will eventually come out here on will give the demo a try, while commenting on it through the ‘feedback form’ setup I have not made yet! More details to be said soon!!