End-of-Month Updates (June 2019)

Well, happy uh, 5 or 6 years of Capsule Dragons Adventure being worked on (yay?)! It was either June 24 or June 25 when Capsule Dragons Adventure was worked on, and now, it’s gotten pretty far, but I’ve been working on other things besides it- like, well, Ultra Battles Countered.

This month has been all about Ultra Battles Countered– from bug fixes to air dashing to each character having four attacks, the game is becoming a “full fledged” fighting game on a platform called Scratch (by MIT labs and such) that you can play either on my website or Scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/298607168/ or https://www.capsuledragons.com/ultrabattlesgame/

Ultra Battles Countered is a fighting game inspired by a classic fighting game, complete with damage percentages and rule settings like adding falling items onto the game level. There are now 12 fully working characters in Ultra Battles Countered, and most of them are balanced– for instance, Phil (a guest character) has a low jump height but can use an attack that lets him infinitely jump, while Red is a balanced fighter who can move across the level easily. (Red, from Capsule Dragons, has some moves from Capsule Dragons Adventure, like a fire claw and a fireball breath!)

The title screen has also gone through a few iterations this month… this is the latest one.

While Ultra Battles Countered is a full fighting game, originally just a project I was working on as a side-project, I’ve made it a top priority this month. For fans of Ultra Battles Countered or those who like Super Speedy Laser Cats, or just… anyone who likes games, I’ll be working on Super Speedy Laser Cats again- in the near future! Hopefully there will be an early access program for it on a legit gaming store online, where beta testers will be able to directly send me feedback. Speaking of laser cats, there’s an orange Laser Cat as a playable character in Ultra Battles (what? no way!!) who focuses entirely on quickly moving across the level.

Ultra Battles Countered has characters of many styles, so you can choose ranged, melee, or technical characters to play as. (And, of course, one third of the characters are Capsule Dragons…)

For RPG fans, I’ve finished the final touches on my role playing game, however, there still need to be a few things implemented before it’s ready for a full release, so there’s no release date yet! After all, it should be a quality game before it’s released. What is the RPG? I can’t say what this new game is about, except for its quirkiness and traditional combat system.

Have fun and stay safe,