Capsule Dragons HD public beta

hello there capsule dragons fans and people who read this site

i am working on a big new project Capsule Dragons HD. last year I released a demo, then worked on the game a ton.

here’s the public beta. it’s a beta test, which means its going to have loads of glitches and problems, so feel free to give feedback at this game here and make sure to play it if you’re interested. it’s a platforming game but the physics work this time unlike the original game. it also has fancy graphics and stuff. even lighting and all that.

ok, maybe not lighting. but… it still has a lot of content

oh… and also here free code for Capsule Dragons HD: PromoDragon020 to play as Dark Dragon, the coolest villain / not really a villain in Capsule Dragons history (and also, the one who was supposed to have better boss fight music but didn’t).

stay safe be kind have fun

-site admin ZoruaAl