An Important Message

Disclaimer: Although I find this to be important, it is an opinionated blog post and not a proper news article. If this is a topic of interest to you as well, I strongly advise looking at different articles that use accurate, in-depth analysis, with properly represented information.

(This message was first published on the front page of the Capsule Dragons website on June 4, 2020.)

Capsule Dragons Message – June 4, 2020

Hello, Capsule Dragons site readers.

In this challenging time, many issues have been going on, and now is the time to recognize important issues going on with civil rights and racial inequality.

No matter where you may be reading this site from, or what perspective you have, everyone can believe in justice and equality. It is not the time to be ignorant and only glance over current events without acknowledging the suffering many communities are facing as a result of the continued discrimination and harassment that are continuing racism.

Many communities have been faced with this continued inequality, and in recent events, African-American communities have also continued to face injustices that need to stop – now is the time to speak for civil rights, again. Many people are harmed by problems that are sometimes discussed, but never resolved – discrimination continues, hate crimes continue, but we must become aware of this, and spread that awareness.

Studying some of America’s history, it has continued to struggle with giving all equal rights – civil rights, racial equality, gender equality, are all relevant today. While progress towards civil rights has been made, it needs change. And today is a potential turning point.

This goes not just for the country where the Capsule Dragons site is updated, but also for the whole world. This is a time for international support of recognizing communities and minority groups, as well as working towards a better future where everyone may have liberty and justice.

I have noticed fellow games companies and prominent figures speaking out against the recent events with racial inequality, such as the prejudiced brutality that resulted in George Floyd’s death. I pledge my support to a future where everyone may live in peace, and equality.

We are all human – and diversity should be appreciated, not feared. The impressive diversity and culture of humanity can be seen in all; no matter any trait, everyone must be appreciated.

This may sound like a message given to the heroes of the world in a role-playing game, a call to action where everyone must come together, unite, for justice – and I hope as many people as possible will hear this. Whatever your situation may be, you can still believe in justice, equality, and peace.

As some of you may have read a while back, the Capsule Dragons website honored Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day, who was an incredible civil rights leader.

Please know that I strive for making games that everyone may enjoy, and that I also respect those who have faced adversity and inequality.

I would like to update some news on my own games also, but for now, we – everyone – must recognize the ongoing struggles in the real world, and find a resolution to unnecessary suffering many face. This goes for the ongoing issues with inequality, in all its aspects – racial inequality, gender inequality, religious inequality, are all parts of ongoing relevant civil rights issues, therefore we must avoid history repeating itself and change it for a future where everyone may live together in a world that respects humanity, its diversity, and its ongoing struggles.

I may not be updating the site for a while, though until then, please know that many people alike me are supporting an equal (and equitable – as there are issues with inequity) future.

Thank you.