Capsule Dragons turns another year old… 2020 edition

Well, I’m not sure myself how many years it’s been since the first Capsule Dragons game came out… Oh… it came out in 2013..? (according to the time it was shared on ) Well… that’s 7 years, then, and Capsule Dragons Adventure hasn’t been worked on in at least one fourth of that time.

2020’s been a tough year, with issues in the COVID-19 pandemic, politics, economics, and the year’s almost going to be over, but, there’s still hope for things to get better.

2020’s also been a year with a larger interest in gaming, whether you’re playing video games, board and card games, or anything, and if you’re interested in any games I made, there are a few that I linked to on this website. (I still have a lot to learn… I should focus on quality in games)

I also announced Infidemia this year, which does not have a release date planned yet (I intend to finish the game, but I don’t know when it will be done. It’s taken a year to do planning, some music, and some development within the game creation software I’m using.). Infidemia’s a different style of game than the Capsule Dragons series, though I’ve been spending most of my time on role playing game development… …though the scope of this game is a bit much to handle right now and I’ve been taking a break to work on other side-projects.

The Capsule Dragons series will get some references of it in Infidemia, perhaps you can throw a capsule with a dragon inside of it to summon a dragon into battle? 🤔

Capsule Dragons Adventure will be delayed until I decide to work on it again. Super Speedy Laser Cats, a multiplayer platformer battle game, is a more current game for me to work on and I still have interest in resuming development on it, and there are a few other tech demos I’ve worked on a little bit, so even if I’m not posting anything here I’m likely doing something.

The latest updates for Infidemia are the new music additions (would like feedback on anything in the game though, including music!) along with a test of building it for other platforms (mobile) and so far I’ve been able to get decent framerates on a phone that launched in 2013 (coincidentally to Capsule Dragons’ year of release…) which I am using as a test to make sure this game can run on any mobile device released in the past 7 years (or with similar specifications) if the game is hypothetically released on mobile. Based on the lag that happens when the dialogue text box sound effect plays (it can be turned off, so maybe keeping the sound off on mobile would work? other issues with lag might be present), Infidemia will likely be a game that’s only available on the platform I’m currently developing it for now.

Infidemia’s also going to get new accessibility options, which will be interesting to work on and I’ll ask for input on what I should do to make it more accessible through feedback forms. Some of the planned features include audio/visual/rumble (all three) cues for everything (this is enabled by default, but, if you want to change that you’ll be able to. There are some timing-based parts of the game that I want to be accessible, and I’ve tested playing the game without seeing or hearing it in those parts to make sure it’s possible.) while getting screen reader support would be useful and having an option to play the game using one button will be available (this will involve a lot of programming and customizing, but, it will be fun to work on). There will be more options like adjusting visual effects in the game (turning off screen flash, for instance, or adjusting colors of the game for color-matching puzzles and/or attack cues) though I’m still working on a list of what I need to add for accessibility features before I start adding them.

Infidemia’s story is still being planned so I don’t want to share any details yet, though there are seven playable characters and some amount of chapters I haven’t decided on.

On terms of gameplay, it’s a turn-based RPG (role playing game) with mechanics focusing around a system where the player’s party can gain more turns during battle, and some more features that I’ve been working on since development started like having dialogue response options or being able to talk during combat. There’s also a “coffee time” feature in the game that allows you to increase your friendship levels with any playable character, so I hope players will enjoy getting to know the cast of Infidemia.

Another core feature of Infidemia is that… you don’t have to follow the story. There’s a school in the game, but, what would happen if you didn’t go there? What would happen if you were able to enter a top-secret company facility before the story led you there? What if you get a legendary sword and sell it to someone? Exploring the “what-ifs” of a game has been an idea I wanted to explore in Infidemia, and it might make for interesting playthroughs or combinations of things the player did differently.

The difficulty level of the game hasn’t been decided, though you can save the game anywhere (except for some areas where saving might get you stuck), and you’ll also get multiple save files, so, if you mess up part of a playthrough or want to try something different, the option’s there. (Or if multiple people are playing the game, each player could use their own save file).

Well… what about Capsule Dragons?

The series had a really rough start… …I made the first game when I was learning how to use Scratch, a programming environment (see the website – it’s free software you can check out on their official website, by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab).

Since then, I’ve had an interest in learning how to program, design games, game mechanics, draw, work on music and sound effects, and my interest for game development has continued, to the point where I’m researching the games industry, and technology behind games.

Starting off with a platformer game made in one month wasn’t the beginning, though it was a good way for me to start experimenting with game design and Scratch, which I still use for side projects and prototypes. Looking at Capsule Dragons (2013) to Capsule Dragons HD (2019), there’s more quality and progress, but, it wasn’t a change made in one day. I’ve posted a lot of projects on my Scratch account (see ZoruaAl on Scratch ) and a lot of them could use more quality, but, it’s still fun to look through what I’ve been doing… …before I started posting my comments on real world events, I made a Scratch project that had a goal to promote equality, which could have been reviewed first to make sure it got the idea across well (which, being honest, I think it could have been done better).

Before this website, I made a few Scratch projects that had some news announcements of whatever project I was working on at the time or had thought of while working on it, and those could use more work as well, but, now I write an informal blog about anything I want to discuss here – games, news, personal life – and this website hasn’t always started off well, either.

Capsule Dragons definitely had a rough start for more reasons – I looked back on the series and realized that some things in the games are offensive though I didn’t realize at the first time, like the original name for the purple enemies you encounter in the first game, so I’ll rename the enemies to a more suitable (and more creative) name. While the intention was not offensive, I think that it’s best to re-evaluate things like these anyway, and acknowledge that things like these should change.

Looking at the newer Capsule Dragons games, I think Adventure had a lot of potential when I was interested in it… …I really want to add mechanics from the Capsule Dragons 4 demo (I think I finished Capsule Dragons 4, though it wasn’t released… it had abilities the player could use, pseudo-3D rendering of levels, and more 2D platforming mechanics in general) and there’s always a chance to improve on something. Actually… that would be fun to add backflips, limited flight time, attacks, and abilities the player can choose… …maybe I’ll just combine both games’ mechanics?

Also… Capsule Dragons 4 was further along in development in 2017… so, it’s been three years since a main entry in the series has been released (except for Capsule Dragons HD, which is kind of remaking the first game). Still… Capsule Dragons 4 had some potential, too, while Capsule Dragons 3 was an unfinished game…

Actually, let’s look at every finished (cancelled games will be discussed later, including a Capsule Dragons strategy game!) Capsule Dragons game:

  1. Capsule Dragons ver 1.1

The original Capsule Dragons game! Play as a few dragons named after various colors (with the exception of Icey, Thunder, and Dark Dragon, who are named after elemental attributes like ice and darkness magic). Print out a capsule from the website and then scan it in the game using your webcam, and you can play as a dragon with the matching color capsule. Depending on if you play as Red, Pink, or Icey, you’ll have to save different Capsule Dragons and protect the Pacific Oceanworld from the power of Dark Dragon… explore five chapters and a bonus training center!

2. Capsule Dragons 2- Dark Dragon’s Return

The sequel to Capsule Dragons! Play as more characters this time, get a daily level up capsule, and explore new content after clearing the game. New characters include Purple, who can summon a shopping bag, CD, who wields a fiery wrench, and Candy, who summons candy to instantly attack all enemies on-screen. While there isn’t too much entirely new content, consider this game a remix of the first one, or maybe an enhanced version of Capsule Dragons 1! Fight new robotic foes as well!

3. Capsule Dragons DX The Rise of Sparkideon

The third game in the series, taking a more deluxe approach with an update the February after the game launched, and two new expansions to new areas you can go to after clearing the game! Play as a Custom Dragon, Dark Dragon, any of the three other Capsule Dragons from previous games (Blue, Thunder, Master Green) as well as a new golden dragon called Goldite! Defeat the evil forces of Sparkideon, a thunder/light magic dragon, and her minions! Customize your Custom Dragon and use the abilities of a new hero! Explore even more endgame content and even two free expansions, added in updates! Can you stop Sparkideon from turning the Pacific Oceanworld into Sparkideon’s Dimension? (note: a side project, called Capsule Dragons Ray, may also be supported. that project released in January 2015.)

4. Capsule Dragons 3

A space exploration game focusing on randomized content, with a fake loading screen, VMS (forgot what it stands for… visual memory system? wait, isn’t that copyrighted?), support for free printable paper figurines called ziinos, and meet new allies Tech and Micro as you explore space, looking for the Delta Emerald! Explore an infinite realm of space with randomly placed planets, fighting other spaceships along the way! Create your own Capsule Dragon and spaceship.

5. Capsule Dragons 4 THE NEW HERO

While this wasn’t really a finished Capsule Dragons game, the player has the ability to backflip, fly for a limited amount of time, wall-jump, equip various abilities, customize their dragon with hats and outfits, and explore randomly placed levels in a 2D platforming game with a physics engine from another Scratch project! It was supposed to come out in 2018, but… what about Capsule Dragons Adventure? Isn’t that part of the main series..??? And, what happened to Capsule Dragons Universe?

Capsule Dragons 4 does count as a cancelled game, though… it’s been mentioned, so, onto the Capsule Dragons sidegames before we get to the cancelled games!

Sidegames: (including cancelled sidegames)

  1. Capsule Dragons EXE village!

Build homes for Capsule Dragons as they move across the screen. Place executable housing plan files to add homes for the Capsule Dragons. Watch the houses autonomously build and the dragons living within the digital world. The first sidegame released after the first game.

2. Capsule Dragons Red Dragon / Blue Dragon

Click a capsule with a red or blue dragon (depending on which version you’re playing) and watch it float on the screen, moving towards your mouse pointer on the screen. Released a month before the first Capsule Dragons game, this was the concept of dragons inside capsules… that would later guide the rest of the series. The designs of the dragons are different from the first game as well, so if you want to see a Capsule Dragon with a fiery tail, this is the sidegame to see!

3. Capsule Dragons Club

While not exactly a game, it was a member-based project where you’d have to request access to the Capsule Dragons Club to play the short platforming stages in each area. Since it was an exclusive project, it was shortly abandoned, though if you want to play it, you can click “See Inside” and edit code on “Sprite1” to make it broadcast “message1” when you click it and remove the “if username equals” (or change that to be your own username). A friend was given access to Capsule Dragons Club, as this friend helped me on a few projects of my own and also expressed interest in this, so thanks for signing up! Though it was questionable for me to make a project that required you to request access with a Scratch account. Released in 2014. Note that another project called Rental Capsule Dragon Testing also released, though that was a tech demo to test two dragons with the same abilities and the effect of HP / attack / statistics.

4. Capsule Dragons Place

A place to get updates, printable Capsule Dragons / ziinos, and more Capsule Dragons related info! It’s all free, so check it out if you want. I think there was an updated version of it eventually though I’m not sure where it went. It’s sort of like the Capsule Dragons website before it was a website, and released in 2015 (correction, may have been available 2013 when Capsule Dragons launched).

5. Capsule Dragons Party

This game released in 2015 and got a few updates, though if you’re interested in a four player Capsule Dragons themed party game with a lot of playable characters, here it is – the party game with minigames that four players using one keyboard can play at once (online multiplayer not supported, but that would have been interesting to add). However, there are various game-breaking bugs that may make your party experience very strange at times and players can easily hack each other’s inputs by pressing buttons for each other, so, it may be best to play it as a single-player party game.

6. Capsule Dragons EX

An extra game to the main series that had a very different style of gameplay – a hack and slash Capsule Dragons game! Attack with close and long ranged attacks as you add more dragons to your party and level up, becoming stronger and progressing further into the game! The demo released in 2015 as well, a month after the final version of Capsule Dragons Party (or another similar time).

7. Capsule Dragons MMO 5.1

A clone of a project made by another Scratch user. Since this game only changed some sprites to be Capsule Dragons themed, and additionally break some features of the game, Capsule Dragons MMO was not a very well made game though it was based on a well made project.

8. Capsule Dragons Portal Playground

A tech demo using code from another project for the base physics. The idea was to experiment with giving the player two portals they could travel to in a 2D space, like a 2D version of a 3D puzzle platformer that uses this concept.

9. Capsule Dragons X

A small project that let you build your own Capsule Dragons game, using a completely different physics engine, scrolling level engine, and storing levels/playing levels as a feature. My first attempt at a level editor that could handle up to 300 objects total placed at a time.

10. Camp Capsule Dragons

Before Scratch had official support for mobile devices (unless you had a mobile browser compatible with Scratch, which was possible) this game was designed for touchscreen devices! It’s a bit like Capsule Dragons EXE village, though you can build floating islands and a camp that runs in real time, with time for the dragons to rest as well, building various structures and looking at a list of requests from your dragons. Also released 2015.

11. Capsule Dragons Soccer Smash v2.1

While this released in 2019, it was a new Capsule Dragons sidegame with a focus on being a sports battle game – what if you have to score goals by attacking a football/soccer ball, and you can attack the other player? It supported two player versus on the same computer and got updates for a while including new characters to play as. Can be played with touchscreen controls.

12. Capsule Dragons Super Dash v1.05

An infinite runner game focused on only using two buttons: jump and slide. Alike Capsule Dragons Soccer Smash, it released in 2019, and it supported touchscreen controls, though the touchscreen controls were a bit more intuitive to manage, as there wasn’t a hidden menu option you had to click to enable using a touchscreen. Also has a high score record system, whether you’re signed in or not. There are random messages that play when you get a game over, and there are about 10 levels of difficulty enabled by default though I’m not sure if there’s a way to clear this infinite runner… …maybe when the score just reaches infinity because it keeps multiplying based on how many levels you’ve cleared?

Cancelled Games:

Capsule Dragons Universe

This turned out to not really be cancelled, since I took the same concepts from it and used those concepts in a different way when working on Capsule Dragons 4… this was like the beta of Capsule Dragons 4 before the Capsule Dragons 4 demo.
The player can customize their dragon, equip various weapons with different mechanics, from melee to ranged to anything that was supported, though I quickly took down the demo since it wasn’t a finished product. It was last edited in 2015… It would also require ziino to play.

Capsule Dragons 4

Taking off from the end of Capsule Dragons 3, this was determined to be a game that would fix everything Capsule Dragons 3 didn’t finish doing, like somewhat randomized areas by randomizing a selection of parts of levels… …eventually, Capsule Dragons 4 had new mechanics like a backflip, skydive, and new limitations like being able to fly for a short amount of time, and more features like abilities called Specs that could be equipped. Although I took down the demo, the version of the game in development had a lot of features in it and it paused development two years ago.

Capsule Dragons 5 The Adventure You’ve Been Waiting 4

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline to release this game on April 1st, and I was working on it two years ago while it was going to release on April 1st, 2019, this project was mostly a variation on the Capsule Dragons 4 project and was meant to be an April Fool’s Day joke to release this unfinished game instead of a Capsule Dragons 4 demo.

Capsule Dragons Adventure

The most complete (and incomplete) project I’ve worked on outside of Scratch, and in the Unity engine instead ( ). It started development probably one year after the first Capsule Dragons game was released, and it was in development being worked on for at least three years over a lot of spare time, so it’s been something I want to get back to working on and improve, but I don’t know how to fix the game. Some of its new features were four player support, controller support, two attacks (fire claw and fireball), and powerups. Although there were less mechanics than Capsule Dragons 4, this was a really ambitious project and I required a lot of help from another of the website admins on the Capsule Dragons website during development. It’s not truly cancelled, but this game added a lot more content and I started to redesign every level eventually which is where development stopped. The series has come a long way and this was the chance to revive it, to give a new perspective and fix everything I didn’t like about the series, and add new things I wanted to add to the series, too. The addition of robot dragons, more robotic enemies, more obstacles and powerups (one obstacle that makes the player orbit around it in two dimensional space, some boost pads in both horizontal and vertical directions, and more) as well as having enemies move on specific routes (adding enemy AI) made it feel more complete… …but having incomplete levels, an overworld, resources that didn’t match a specific Capsule Dragons artstyle, made it the most unfinished game as well as the largest game I have worked on.

Anyway, I hope this was an enjoyable post about the Capsule Dragons series. Thanks for reading it!