Disclaimer: This is an opinionated post that does not take any time to analyze the issue, and I strongly advise in finding accurate sources from multiple opinions to take your own perspective on the issue. Please note that this is not a proper news source and should not be used as such.

A lot of recent news in the past few days has been discussed, and I would like to ask a question, somewhat relating to what I heard about, after checking my information…


In all of the delusional comments that have led people to a riot for an unjust cause, why would someone immediately follow what they were told by someone who’s just trying to control them?

Why would anyone, or a group, join for an unjust cause that they might not actually believe in if they had more details from different perspectives?

There’s a difference between protesting, rioting, activism, and anti-activism. There are actually a lot of differences.

Protesting, regardless of what you’re protesting for or against, is generally a nonviolent, peaceful way to get an argument across.

Rioting is different, because while some people may be interested in a cause, it’s mostly used to create violence, or to continue conflict, and the difference is that the true intent is gone.

Then, there’s activism and anti-activism. Activism is about supporting change for something usually beneficial (for instance, individual rights, equitable change, etc.). Anti-activism is usually created by false assumptions about activism and often tries to undo beneficial change, as we’ve seen recently…

…It also depends on what someone is advocating for or against and why they are doing that. This is why false assumptions that all protests are bad are made, and also why activism and anti-activism are used instead of just using only activism.

It’s disheartening to see what was once considered dystopian become reality, but, this was predicted to some extent, as well.

People following a path they are told to just because they believe any one thing might be true… …but, why not first research what you’re getting yourself into, regardless of if you think it’s good or bad?

I was doing some research about topics myself, though I only had a good understanding when I found multiple perspectives – not just one in support or one against.

I feel that if more people did that about something like what recently happened, instead of following a path without questioning it, they’d be able to find out it was a delusion after all.

This is just my question and commentary, and it’s not politicalized or turned into a “good versus bad” issue.

A few years ago, or maybe about 6 years ago, I heard someone talking about a lot of things I didn’t understand or hear of before, agreeing with anything they said, pretending to know what was being talked about.

After looking up what those topics really were, I found it best to question anything the first time if I don’t know, because it turns out these were similarly sadistic things that the person was talking about.

On the other hand, there have been a lot of people who have inspired me to open my perspective more, and even for something like this, I was able to try and see other sides of the issue, and was able to think of a more universal question, “Why?”.

There are a lot of questions that have multiple answers, from different sources, and it’s important to have good research habits to figure out what’s reputable, and what’s not. Finding multiple reputable sources about anything is always a good idea, and it just takes a bit more time, but, from there it’s possible to find the truth, only by examining everything that claims to be the truth. Sometimes there are half-truths, but, always question whatever it is and try to find the answer yourself.

Even from this page that I wrote, there’s a lot of missing information, though I may have left that out on purpose, to ask more of a question to lead to further discussion about what’s going on.

And the pandemic’s still going on, in a lot of places around the world, and where recent events have happened, too.


Thanks for reading this, and I hope you have a nice day.