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Update: All of my opinionated posts should now have an opinion disclaimer. I decided not to tag the articles as opinion, but I changed some tags that were… …subjectively described… …to be changed to “Opinion”. Once I have contact information posted, feel free to ask me about anything on the website if something seems off.

New Update: Added a privacy policy also. Please see Privacy Policy | Capsule Dragons if you are interested in learning how I (and third parties) handle website data.

I will now be adding an opinion tag and disclaimer to any website articles that I wrote covering my opinion of current events.

Although many of these articles were ineffective as I did not publish proper research and cite any sources, as well as not referencing analysis from verified authors to use as the basis of my claims (regardless of what those claims were), I would like to at least add a disclaimer that these were not meant to be proper “news articles”.

There are many better sources out there and I feel like having something only be opinion can contribute to misinformation (but that’s my opinion of the situation).

For the most part, this post is meant to provide clarity and to hold me accountable for my mistakes.

Thank you for your understanding.


Infidemia Development Update (3)

Here are some updates on Infidemia. This is a slightly longer update…

Story Progress

The first few events for the game have been planned. The introduction is almost ready, and the first 8 battle tutorials will be added to the game.

…So, there should be about one minute of gameplay. Some time walking around, some time talking to characters, and maybe watching a battle tutorial…

The “main game” (where the story really starts up) and the rest of the game have started a planning phase with specific details, while the entire game has taken over a year to plan, I’m finally getting to the specifics.

Though… it will take me a while to get to the parts of the story I find interesting, so…

Gameplay Progress

Most of the areas in the game are possible to enter, interact with people and objects, shops work, encounters work, and decisions are in the game.

Combat Progress

The battle system is about 75% complete. The other 25% means the graphic designs for the menus, the camera stuff, and some additional features.

Most weapons, armor, abilities, and items work.

Using “Pulse Check” will no longer result in an exceedingly repetitive sound played for an infinite time.


The “Summon” mechanic still needs to be fixed and finalized, while the “Combo” mechanic is mostly functional. The “Wager” system is acting strange again because I forgot to add the right dialogue events to the right battles, which made some very confusing events.

The exploration mechanic is mostly okay though you might be able to glitch out the game in a few spots, I’m not too sure yet. (Still have to add functions that prevent the car from going indoors in the newly-added areas).

Map Design

I plan on adding a market, bus terminal (it’s mostly done), and a few more areas outside of the city that will be part of the beginning to the story.

Compared to my other projects, Infidemia’s world will be narrowed down to 2 specific cities within 2 countries in the game world.

While it would be nice to have every mentioned place possible to go to, it would result in an unnecessarily large game, due to Infidemia’s main story and optional areas being only a few cities within a few continents of the game world.

Some of my other projects involve the whole game world (every continent, every country, every town… …it’s fun to work on and design, but it can get a bit too involved) and due to Infidemia’s disproportionately large areas, I’m limiting the scope of the game to the different places around the game world that it takes place in. I still hope to add variety and show off the game world, though it’s not going to be as large as it sounds, unfortunately. Fortunately, there should be enough places to go to and everything should be in walking distance.

Music and Sound Design

I need honest feedback on this because I don’t know if it’s earsplitting or if it’s slightly decent.

That’s all I would like to give on the music updates, because by now, only about 1/50th of the soundtrack is done.

I don’t intend on making a lot of music for the game, either.

For sound design, things are a bit different.

I’ve been recording various sounds around the house and I should have a lot of random things ready soon.

Content Rating Update

Nothing yet. I’ve been keeping an eye on games with similar content and all I have to mention right now is that Infidemia’s content rating will be announced when it’s ready.

Of course, I would suggest checking back here for more information.

This is something that is more of an official thing and I’ll mention the content rating when the game’s released.

Please note the content rating is subject to change, and the content from the game may not be suitable to display to all ages and/or children.

Academic Stuff

The game was going to have a grading policy for Infidemia’s various academia-related quests.

However… that’s kind of annoying in my opinion, because the player getting judged on their decisions and then how well they follow through with their decisions… that’s a bit… unnecessary?

Dialogue Boxes and Credits (Part 1)

Content Disclaimer: Please note the following screenshot is from an upcoming game I’m working on. The game and displayed content may not be suitable to all ages, though I’m trying to keep it that way whenever I talk about the game or show it online. Additionally, this is not an advertisement or a finished product. This is a demonstration of the current status of Infidemia’s dialogue boxes. If this content relates to a real quotation, place, person, object, or idea, it is coincidental and this is a work of fiction.

Please see the caption of the image below for more copyright information.

I do not have an official license about this, though I would prefer that if this image is redistributed, please link back to this original page so that the screenshot and the resources to produce the screenshot are properly credited.

A direct screenshot from Infidemia. At this point, you can probably figure out everything the game’s about and the gameplay, along with the several hidden dialogue choices here. Just kidding, this is a dialogue box from the game. Here are the credits for external tools I used to display the text I wrote and dialogue box I drew. This screenshot was made in RPG Maker MV, the engine I’m using to make the game: Copyright (C) 2015 KADOKAWA CORPORATION / YOJI OJIMA. The only things that I made in this screenshot were the scenario concept/dialogue, and designing a custom window with the Aseprite software, which has a copyright statement to put here as well, Copyright (C) 2001-2020 Igara Studio S.A. .

Anyway, I won’t be uploading many screenshots of Infidemia, especially considering that this direct capture seems to be at the wrong resolution and I have a few things to fix before I can show actual gameplay.

Where Does the Name Come From? (Spoilers)

If you don’t want spoilers for the game, I suggest that you skip this section, and go to the “Credits” section next.

This contains major plot details for this game, titled “Infidemia”.

The name “Infidemia” comes from multiple words.

“Infinity” and “Academia”.

Anyway, there’s a major plot detail involving those two words, but I won’t give away what it is yet.

(Spoilers are over)


Yeah, that’s right, the current prototype of Infidemia is being made with the RPG Maker MV software.

Due to terms of agreement (the EULA) with the RPG Maker MV software, modifications to the game will not be allowed in the game unless I find a way to make something that the player can mess around with inside of the game, like a debug room, without running user-made code. Allowing the user to add their own programs into the game files could lead to an issue with malicious code being executed, because the game is not meant to be used to cause these things… …If I find a way to allow user modifications without harmful actions being possible from running the game, this may happen.
Please note that I have also struggled to find a way to make modifications accessible to the user, as the only way I see modifications being possible is the player being able to access plugins that are already in the game, and giving access to the core structure of the game on a user level would be an issue.

For more details, please see the “About” page:

In case you didn’t see the copyright for RPG Maker MV, here’s the copyright statement, because I am not the creator of the engine and I would like to credit the game engine I used to create this game so far:

RPG Maker MV:

I’ve also been designing custom graphics in the form of menus and window design, though the font is the default one from RPG Maker MV. The tool I’ve been using to design custom graphics is Aseprite, with the copyright statement below:

Copyright (C) 2001-2020 Igara Studio S.A.

Please note that the linked websites and contents are not owned by me and I am not responsible for anything that happens outside of the Capsule Dragons website, should any issues arise.

Additionally, these credits may change over time.

Until then, thanks for reading!

There is no demo or playable version of Infidemia currently available.

I will make an official announcement when it’s ready, though for now there’s still a lot of work to do on it.