Website Updates

Update: All of my opinionated posts should now have an opinion disclaimer. I decided not to tag the articles as opinion, but I changed some tags that were… …subjectively described… …to be changed to “Opinion”. Once I have contact information posted, feel free to ask me about anything on the website if something seems off.

New Update: Added a privacy policy also. Please see Privacy Policy | Capsule Dragons if you are interested in learning how I (and third parties) handle website data.

I will now be adding an opinion tag and disclaimer to any website articles that I wrote covering my opinion of current events.

Although many of these articles were ineffective as I did not publish proper research and cite any sources, as well as not referencing analysis from verified authors to use as the basis of my claims (regardless of what those claims were), I would like to at least add a disclaimer that these were not meant to be proper “news articles”.

There are many better sources out there and I feel like having something only be opinion can contribute to misinformation (but that’s my opinion of the situation).

For the most part, this post is meant to provide clarity and to hold me accountable for my mistakes.

Thank you for your understanding.