Infidemia Development Update (6)

Today I have some more news about Infidemia, though, there are some things that should be mentioned first, as this was probably unclear earlier.

As you might know, this is the Capsule Dragons website, where I try to focus on blogging about the games I’m working on.

I used to post some Scratch games I worked on here as well, though check back on the “About” page and go see my Scratch profile if you’re interested in that. The reason I don’t talk about that often here is because I don’t want to associate an external website (this one) with my account anymore and I can be contacted directly about anything Scratch-related there, and it’s easier for me to work on Scratch-related stuff there.

So, Capsule Dragons will mostly cover Infidemia now.

However, unlike the games I made called “Capsule Dragons” (series), Infidemia may not be suitable for all age audiences, and I’m still working on figuring out a content rating.

For now, please know that the dialogue in Infidemia may contain implied actions of violent or romantic things, (subject to change though) and that it may not be suitable to a kid-friendly audience, so if you’re a kid, I’d suggest playing a different game or reading about a different game instead. Most of my Scratch projects should be appropriate to all ages, though some of the content on this website has been more serious before, which is why I stopped linking it to my Scratch account (you can find that information on the About page of Capsule Dragons) so please take this into consideration.

Additionally, these development updates are not meant to be advertising Infidemia (it isn’t available yet, either) and are instead written as informative things of what I’ve been doing so far.

What have I been working on in the game?

–> Story: First few days should be mostly playable, though for this update, added another day that I didn’t playtest yet though it’s kind of functional. Doing story things (sorry, won’t give specifics on the plot details. Some things have changed, though).

–> Gameplay: The battle system is still a bit tricky (not very user-friendly) though I am trying to make it easier to use. Additionally, balance changes are required. (not much playtesting this week – only playtesting story battles and debugging stuff)

–> Mechanics: New concepts introduced in the story, trying to limit the feature scope (in both story and gameplay). I’ll likely stop the mechanics with what I have currently been able to do without delaying development too much. One battle mechanic (the “Wager” system) still needs to be fixed, though in general, battles are functional.

–> Revisions: Ended up writing the intro of a completed story dialogue sequence, then decided to redo it. I’ll keep revisions for later, once I have enough playable content, though I would really like to keep things functional, even if that means there’s a lot to fix right now.

–> Music and Drawings: Not much to write here. Experimenting with some random stuff in a complete side project that’s unrelated to Infidemia, so I can practice arrangement techniques (not sure what the official term is) without focusing on working on this game first.

That’s it for this update.

Thanks for reading,