Infidemia Development Update (7)

This week’s update to the game has focused on changing the core gameplay, so there’s less focus on the story right now. As a disclaimer, I haven’t shared or built a playable version of the game, so this is mostly the list of things going on behind the scenes during development.

What does this mean for Infidemia?

–> Core story aspects will mostly be the same. Some events, like the tutorial, will be modified, in order to account for new features.

–> Unused gameplay features will be properly removed from the demo. Cleaning up the game files has been a goal with this week’s update, though this also means backing up unused events and removing them from gameplay if those won’t be used.

–> The time system has stayed the same, though now there are actions that allow you to “spend time”, using up the in-game time. Having the player wait 25 minutes for the next day didn’t work well in playtesting, so now it’s possible to go through an entire day, while doing things.

–> Added new shortcuts, optional to use in battle, but can still select actions using less inputs than menu navigation. This includes a pop-up menu that has selectable actions for keyboard, mouse, and controller input.

–> Fixed some dialogue stuff.

–>Planning to add the victory music back to the game, though now it will play regardless of how you finish a battle.

–> The gameplay progression system works differently now; this is to help address too much filler dialogue from taking up gameplay (depending on how this works, I might change it)

–> Fixed some bugs (trying to load a track that wasn’t included in the game to add it to the music player)

That’s all for this week’s development update. Adjusting the core gameplay will probably be the focus until the game has been playtested enough to ensure everything’s working, though nothing here should be guaranteed to be in the final game, either. Any of this is subject to change. Thanks for checking out this update.