Infidemia Development Update (8)

I’ve been working on some sprites for the game, specifically enemies that you can encounter in battles.

So far, a few basic (non-boss character / smaller sprite) enemies have a prototype, and one boss character is getting a full sprite (still being worked on) though will also require an animated spritesheet (which I will start off with a prototype for).

I have a few new themes that might play during the game, but I haven’t decided how these will work yet. Most of the music for the game has been worked on in reverse chronological order (end of the game –> beginning of the game) but I have a sample track for the tutorial room and a placeholder battle theme.

On terms of gameplay, the simulation-focused gameplay will mostly be about what you can do at the in-game school, while there will be opportunities to study, or visit dungeons outside of the in-game academics.

I’ve also planned to experiment a bit more with story elements, though since playthroughs can be impacted by your decisions, you might find out more about the story by doing certain things or talking to certain characters at certain times. …You could technically get all of the story regardless of how you play the game, but, events would turn out differently… There isn’t supposed to be a right or wrong way to make choices in the game, though characters will still comment on choices (especially in Coffee Time, the conversation-simulator minigame that is required to increase friendship levels between protagonists).

Anyway, until the next development update,