Infidemia Development Update (9)

This update is a bit late due to difficulties with some issues in development, particularly trying to debug a game freeze that happened if the player faced the first boss’ map event in a specific direction.

What’s new?

Summarized edition:

  • Bugfixing and a little bit of work on the next part of the game

Detailed edition:

  • Tutorial is now playable
  • Game doesn’t freeze upon finishing the first boss fight
  • Unintentional shortcut removed (bug with moving the player to the wrong area after exiting one area), additionally stopped the event before this shortcut from endlessly repeating
  • Started modifying the UI a bit more
  • Added an “Afternoon” time to the game, will be adding a “Midnight” time as well.
  • Fixed a glitch where the player would constantly be reminded that it was afternoon, thus being unable to progress in the day.
  • The core time system has been adjusted to account for a full day rather than half a day (I changed how I’m counting some things which should make it easier to add time-based events)
  • The day of the week will also be counted, but is not currently implemented. If this becomes too challenging to implement I may remove it
  • There’s no UI for a clock yet but I’m strongly considering it
  • Added one new mini-dungeon
  • Adjusting the game’s soundtrack
  • The next optional dungeon in the game is being worked on, recently started the first room
  • Balance changes
  • Fixed some buggy events that happen after the first in-game day of gameplay
  • Dialogue for a boss talking about a boss fight that wasn’t implemented yet has been temporarily removed
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be in a conversation with all playable characters at that point despite not having all those characters with them
  • A (hidden) treasure chest visible without having to find it has now been made harder to find
  • The player can now walk in chairs; this means certain events won’t “freeze” player movement anymore.

There’s not really that much work that’s been done on Infidemia yet, though this is only the 9th development update so far.

I’ve been “considering” a lot of things for this project and all what I can confirm for now is that it’s less buggy and that the core story content will be available. As I’m trying to focus more on gameplay, I decided that it’s better to keep going with the game and stop restarting development because eventually the boring introduction will be over and the parts of the story I find slightly interesting will be worked on.

However, there is not enough content for a demo, and, even if a demo is made, I would have to make sure that I carefully review what I have so far and that it’s possible to play the demo without any prior context (relying on everything the game tells you). Please do not expect a demo, screenshots, or any other form of gameplay to be made available. Additionally, the script will have to be reviewed much more before I decide if this game is worth making a demo for. On terms of release date, cost, etc., it is best to assume that Infidemia will indefinitely have a delayed release and I have no plans whatsoever to publish the game.

Since I’m still working on the game, I decided I should probably post an update every week about what’s happening with it, even though I’m not going to do anything with the game.

Until the next update,