Infidemia Development Update (10)

Sorry this update was posted a bit later than usual.

Some new changes:

  • Every playable protagonist has a casual outfit now (these outfits are likely subject to change as development progresses).
  • New potential track to use as the battle theme
  • Map design – one area way later in the game that I planned out early on now has a temporary placeholder – one area early on in the game that ended up being added later is now… in the game
  • Soundtrack – this has not been going well. Every track sounds too similar and feels too repetitive. I’ll listen to more genres of music and learn about different styles, but, for now, I’m not using my custom soundtrack. The game’s title theme has now been changed… 5 times since the initial version? The game’s main battle theme (not counting the 2 other areas with a different battle theme) has changed at least three times… …new themes that play during the game are being worked on but are facing the same issues. There’s probably enough content to have different “main themes” (theme of conflict, theme of peace, etc.) that play in a combined “final track”, but, I don’t think it’s good. I started the soundtrack in the late second half of 2019 and have been revising it since, but the goal for now is to get the core music (battle theme, boss themes, major area themes, a few plot themes, etc.) ready and then fix it later.
  • Story – planned out a protagonist’s story who didn’t have much content before. Characters still need more depth, but this is a turning point (for the other characters to follow a similar development of getting more depth added to them). Filler content in the introduction has been added. Plot elements I considered adding but didn’t add are now being added (somewhat) – the story’s changed a lot since I initially planned how the game would work, but, for the most part, it still feels like “Infidemia” to some extent.
  • Gameplay Balance – keeping the intro on the easy side, or what I consider to be “easy”. Boss fights are meant to be hard, but there are also frequent challenging encounters… …since the player’s healed after every battle, the focus of the challenge is on individual battles.
  • Mechanics – I added way too many unused things at the start of development, so I’m building the battle system without the extra stuff, but for the most part, battles feel the same… …The total number of elemental attributes will likely decrease (but the core elements will stay, meaning that all battle abilities should be fine…) though the modifications to the core battle system have been beneficial. (There’s a bug where the player can make any actions while being knocked out, as long as another party member has HP… I’ll fix this)
  • Instruction Booklet – I don’t know if I mentioned this. There’s a side project for the game I’m doing that involves making a visual + text based instruction guide. This is also to help me check if the battle system becomes too hard to explain.
  • Random Stuff – Adding this later, but I’ll write it down for now (remember to add it later, but focus on the core first). This includes things like references to mention or goofy item description ideas.
  • Changes to Core Gameplay – This will definitely change how the game is played… …how the player progresses in the game has been changed, but it’s meant to work with the other aspects of gameplay.

Some updates this week took longer to add than others, but everything’s subject to change. I’ll be focusing on the core gameplay/story content for now, as I think I have some ideas on what to do next.

Thanks for reading this,