Infidemia Development Updates (12 + 13)

Sorry for the late post(s).

Last week’s updates: (technically 2 weeks ago)

  • Not much is new, but…
  • Continuing to work on music, map design, testing a few features
  • Still prototyping the battle user interface, adding animations and testing how to program that
  • Got the game to run on another platform
  • Probably addressed these updates last week
  • These are probably updates from 2 weeks ago…

This week’s updates: (technically last week)

  • Again, not much is new, but…
  • Will test on more platforms (hopefully!)
  • Trying to fix this website.
  • A big change to the battle system (at least, how progression systems work, on terms of leveling up and that kind of thing)

Why the Late Updates?

The answer I would give to asking about why updates have been late recently is that I have been busy with other things I’m doing and working on posts isn’t something that I prioritize too much. However, I still have a goal to give weekly updates, even if I can’t get to it on-time.

Fixing the Website:

  • General updates
  • I might change the design or layout, I started messing around with this a bit

Thanks for reading these posts.