Infidemia Development Update (14)

This week, I’ve had a goal of taking a break from working on Infidemia, but, I ended up working on the game more than I thought.

The recent updates have been about improving the game’s database and skill list, though the previous version of it had many unused skills, so after using that to get an idea on how to make the battle system and to start developing ideas on mechanics, I’m working on a revised skills list that has some new features, like an organized layout and leveled-up versions of skills.

New features:

  • Fixed an issue where level 1 magic attacks would deal 0 damage (this came up during development this week)
  • Every (usable) element now has a level 1 magic attack associated with it
  • Every level 2 magic attack has been implemented (although balance updates will be necessary)
  • Testing a new sub-mechanic based on another already present in the game
  • Started working on skills lists for classes (testing, not working…)
  • Balancing stats (sort of)
  • Trying to remember where the story left off
  • Improving the settings menu

Maybe I made it sound like there’s more work done than there really was?

The core focus here is on making it easier for me to work on the game and edit actions and stuff like that.

Anyway, thanks for reading this development update, there’s not really that much that’s changed in the game.