Infidemia Development Update (15)

This week’s updates focused on getting the game to run on more platforms. I won’t specify which platforms these are, though, here’s a list of updates to the game that have come as a result of deploying and running Infidemia on two more platforms:

  • Fixed a bug where I mixed up the previous and current versions of a player sprite; this caused the game to freeze being unable to load an unused sprite (in an effort to organize the game’s used and unused contents, this happened). The temporary fix for Infidemia to run on platforms facing this glitch (along with running it in the main editor) was to add the unused sprite, but the fix for the latest version of the game (which will be tested on those platforms again) was to temporarily add an unused spritesheet back to the game.
  • Found out that I’ll have to optimize Infidemia for more platforms – some devices will not recognize keyboard or controller input. Additionally, I’ll have to account for touchscreen devices when redesigning the UI.
  • As part of this optimization, eventing some areas to run more efficiently (like the core time system) will be important to reduce lag. This also applies to scripts. I haven’t started on this yet, but I will work on this.
  • The debug room can load a battle scene with more options.
  • Other modifications to player input (on things like a controller/keyboard/mouse or touchscreen) may be necessary.
  • Noticed that the Heart Gauge icon matches the emoji for a heart on which platform Infidemia is running on (regardless of running on mobile devices or not).
  • The dialogue typing/speaking sound effect has the potential to add a lot of lag.

I didn’t plan on working on the core game as much, though I think there were some edits I ended up doing anyway, to the main game, like for bugfixing and performance improvements. Although it took a while to build the game and get it to load (and for it to be playable), I think this has been interesting. A lot of this probably doesn’t impact the player right now, but I hope that the potential of more platforms to play the game on will make it easier for more people to play the game (if people are interested).

There are still some more tests with this kind of stuff that I’d like to get done, though for now, that’s all for this week’s development update.