Infidemia Development Update (20)

This update will be a bit shorter, as there aren’t many big updates or many added small features to discuss (as of now).

  • Continued planning development, taking more notes
  • Making it easier to use notes/resources for the game
  • Looking back at unused content for the game; since I’ve had a hard time coming up with ideas looking at these previous ideas and seeing how to improve them has been interesting
  • Managing the scale (scope) of the game, finding balance
  • Trying to work on original tracks for the game’s music

That’s all for this week’s development update; the goal is to find a way to keep the development process consistent (and add in missing content).

Anyway, the game is still in development.

Thanks for checking out these recent updates,


Infidemia Development Update (19)

Sorry for the late update – I intended on getting this one done earlier.

Now that I’ve been working on Infidemia a bit more to fix glitches in order to test gameplay mechanics, like with combos giving three turns instead of two, and forgetting about debug features I left in (if there was a demo… that would have broken everything), there’s more to fix than I thought.

However – I also decided to bring back some unused content, meaning that resources I made for the game a while ago but didn’t know what to do with will now be used… in some way!

This week’s updates:

  • Editing a dungeon tileset, particularly for one specific floor of the game’s main dungeon
  • Fixing some weird combo issues (100% Heart Gauge every turn, one extra turn, unclear who gets to use combo-specific ultimate attacks, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where Wagers and Techs wouldn’t show up in the battle commands list
  • Fixed an issue where the one counterattack type of guarding would only have a 50% chance to reflect damage, thus not working as intended
  • Fixed an issue where a custom enemy sprite was still at half size, although I intended to fix it earlier… …this means a resize was done so the enemy is properly scaled (maybe there will be ‘mini’ versions of this enemy, as a result of realizing the mistake…?)
  • Fixed an issue where a boss enemy would stand still, take all the damage, and yet not do anything. Added an attack pattern, for debug purposes.
  • Reapplied temporary fixes to issues, in a new way that should hopefully patch out any of the visual glitches
  • Trying to figure out why the menu sounds are very quiet
  • Keeping an eye on performance while recording gameplay

The game’s still in development, meaning anything could change about it, so these are the updates for now about the game.

I’d like to show some screenshots of gameplay, soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading this update even though it was later than intended.


Infidemia Development Updates (17 + 18)

Since this update is late, I’ll be covering two weeks’ updates in one post.

I haven’t been working on the game that much, though I’ve added some more unused content to the game.

I’m also planning how development will continue in the future, since some plans changed about how I’m making the game (writing the script apart from working in the engine now, though it’ll eventually make it to the game…). Technically, it’s been in development for 1 year and a little bit longer, though in reality the game has only been worked on for maybe 1 hour (with a slight amount of variability by a few minutes or seconds, this estimate may be a bit off).

I’ll probably work on a different game, since Infidemia isn’t going well, though there might be references to it in a later game, so it’s not like Infidemia is never going to be worked on or mentioned again.

I haven’t done anything about the battle user interface or dialogue boxes, which is why I decided not to post any screenshots of gameplay. Map design, character design, everything isn’t done yet and I think that it’s not good enough to be shown in its current status.

I noticed that I’ve also been starting over development (because this is a really terrible game, and each time it starts over it gets worse) so I decided to make a planning document for the entire game, which will hopefully keep me on track, and if I start over, I can choose where to start over from.

The focus of the recent updates for Infidemia has been to combine the notes I have about the game so far and to attempt to have every music track ready in the game, though I will be redoing the soundtrack because it’s not good enough.

I don’t think Infidemia will ever be “good enough”, but, going forward, for my next projects, I’ll definitely spend more time thinking about feedback and how it is to play the game, not to talk about it.

I’ll still be working on the game, though I think finishing up the planning process and then planning (and testing) a main gameplay loop will be the next steps.

Most of the details for the later parts of Infidemia have been thought out more than the beginning, so I might change how I’ve been working on the game, starting with the final boss fight and some other story events, going to the introduction. Playing the game will be in chronological order, though.

Infidemia still has performance issues on some of the platforms I tested, so I’ll be trying to fix those when I get to things like the custom battle UI and any eventing that might drain performance.

Thanks for showing interest in this game.