Infidemia Development Updates (17 + 18)

Since this update is late, I’ll be covering two weeks’ updates in one post.

I haven’t been working on the game that much, though I’ve added some more unused content to the game.

I’m also planning how development will continue in the future, since some plans changed about how I’m making the game (writing the script apart from working in the engine now, though it’ll eventually make it to the game…). Technically, it’s been in development for 1 year and a little bit longer, though in reality the game has only been worked on for maybe 1 hour (with a slight amount of variability by a few minutes or seconds, this estimate may be a bit off).

I’ll probably work on a different game, since Infidemia isn’t going well, though there might be references to it in a later game, so it’s not like Infidemia is never going to be worked on or mentioned again.

I haven’t done anything about the battle user interface or dialogue boxes, which is why I decided not to post any screenshots of gameplay. Map design, character design, everything isn’t done yet and I think that it’s not good enough to be shown in its current status.

I noticed that I’ve also been starting over development (because this is a really terrible game, and each time it starts over it gets worse) so I decided to make a planning document for the entire game, which will hopefully keep me on track, and if I start over, I can choose where to start over from.

The focus of the recent updates for Infidemia has been to combine the notes I have about the game so far and to attempt to have every music track ready in the game, though I will be redoing the soundtrack because it’s not good enough.

I don’t think Infidemia will ever be “good enough”, but, going forward, for my next projects, I’ll definitely spend more time thinking about feedback and how it is to play the game, not to talk about it.

I’ll still be working on the game, though I think finishing up the planning process and then planning (and testing) a main gameplay loop will be the next steps.

Most of the details for the later parts of Infidemia have been thought out more than the beginning, so I might change how I’ve been working on the game, starting with the final boss fight and some other story events, going to the introduction. Playing the game will be in chronological order, though.

Infidemia still has performance issues on some of the platforms I tested, so I’ll be trying to fix those when I get to things like the custom battle UI and any eventing that might drain performance.

Thanks for showing interest in this game.