Infidemia Development Update (21)

What’s changed since last week:

  • Trying to make new tracks (“practice versions” of some music tracks are being worked on)
  • Wrapping up plans for parts of gameplay that are in development
  • Writing unclear and vague development updates

I’ve been taking a break from scriptwriting and working on the main game, since nothing has been going well with it, so instead of not working on the game at all I decided to work on other aspects first. Planning music for specific parts of the game has been sort of useful to help plan the story (or in figuring out how to connect the story+music); this helps to establish a background or atmosphere, or setting a mood.

The music for the entire first “part” (for lack of a descriptive word) of the game has its “practice versions of music tracks” ready, meaning that the placeholder music is finished, but since it doesn’t sound good I’ll have to revise it.

The next “parts” of Infidemia will go into planning, but only once I’m done with the script for the first part. A focus in development this time has been to remember what I’m working on, without having to re-read my notes (and find out those were for a previous version of the game).

With the unused content that’s come up, primarily from testing a feature before planning it and deciding it wasn’t ready to use, I’m still planning to use resources I’ve made for the game, in some way, likely for other projects.

There were some issues with extra content, specifically in having made this in advance and how I didn’t make it work well with what was currently working. Instead of piling up all the extra content into Infidemia, I tested these extras in smaller projects I was working on alongside Infidemia.

Although Infidemia started out as an over-ambitious project, I think focusing on what’s reasonable to work on (and what’s reasonable to challenge myself to work on as well) has helped.

Thanks for reading the latest development update,