Infidemia Development Update (23)

This update sure is late!

I’ve been busy with things besides working on Infidemia, so the game has been… …a lesser priority for me right now.

However, I was working on it recently, and started to add in some things I didn’t add yet.

–> Added a new command to the “Wagers” list… …this one was supposed to be added a while ago, but now it’s working

–> Cleared up some weird explanations

–> Fixing bugs with the “Combo” system

–> Making new features easier to work with

–> Focusing on getting each feature working, rather than leaving everything unfinished and half-done. After I’m done typing this update, I’m going to get those features I mentioned complete (these are the last things I was working on).

A weekly update is kind of an unrealistic timeframe for me, as there are times when I can’t post an update exactly towards the end of each week (or start of the next week). I think it’s been clear that this is a timeframe that hasn’t been working well, although I’d really like to keep working on my game, just know that it’s not always possible for me to give an update on how things are going every week.

So this time I’ll try to answer some hypothetical questions.

(questions below)

When does Infidemia release? Is there a demo available?

At some point in the future. I don’t have a definite release date planned and will not share any information about this.

No demo is currently planned; there is no demo available.

How much will Infidemia cost?

Once I announce a release date, I’ll figure this out later.

What’s the game’s content rating?

Rating pending. It hasn’t officially gone through any review processes yet and this is something I’ll have to figure out later, as the game is nowhere near ready for a demo or a full release.

What is the game actually about? Story, gameplay, etc.

I don’t want to share any specific information yet, as some parts of the story rely on not knowing any context of the game beforehand.

For gameplay, these updates have probably hinted at what it is.

How long has the game been in development?

I forget when I officially started development, but the first room you could walk around in the game was ready in around the timeframe of September 2019. Planning for the game started a few months before.

What software are you using to make the game?

For Infidemia, I’m using RPG Maker MV ( Credit goes to GOTCHA GOTCHA GAMES/YOJI OJIMA , ©2015, mentioning the copyright to give credit to RPG Maker MV).

I’ll credit any plugins and reference scripts/materials used throughout development, once I have a completed credits page. For now, I’m still working on the game, so I won’t list all credits yet until it’s finished.

What’s the gameplay look like (demo, trailer, etc.)?

Right now, based on how many glitches there still are with the battle system, I don’t want to show gameplay until I have a version of the game that is working and playable. There is no demo available and I do not currently intend on making one, either.

I know I haven’t shown any actual gameplay yet, so because of that there’s no “proof” that the game exists… …though it is possible to go from the title screen, start a new game, and play it, it’s just that there are a lot of things changing with the game which would make gameplay footage inconsistent throughout these updates.

Why aren’t there any screenshots/explanations of gameplay??

I’m still working on creating custom sprites and plugins for the game; I’d prefer to not show any gameplay until I have enough content ready to show.

How much of the game is currently done?

The core battle system is almost done, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Most of the game’s story has been planned, but I’m focusing on getting the gameplay working right now, so instead of story, there are a few debug rooms for everything.

Map design has changed and has been inconsistent; I’ll probably have to start that over even though most of the overworld is connected.

I’m also trying to limit the issues with planning out too many features and adding none of them that work; the goal is to simplify the gameplay mechanics and get a gameplay loop working.

One thing I learned from development is that it’s easier to start with a small idea that I can manage, and then add on features onto it, once I get the basic (as small as possible) version of my game working. I don’t know how to decide the scale and what counts as a good starting point, but I think that the plans for this game have gone very far outside the range of how much of it that I can work on at a time.

I also learned that even if a lot of things end up being unused, I can always reference the unused content in some way and use it to make something that I’ll end up using in a later version of the game.

Can I playtest the game?

There is no demo currently available, there are no plans to launch one right now, and there are no plans right now to set up a feedback form for the demo either.

If I consider publishing or releasing this game, maybe there will be a way for people to playtest the game and review what’s in it so far, but, for now this isn’t the plan.

Will Infidemia actually be released?

I don’t know if I want to publish this game or not. In working on it, I’ve been trying to get it to the quality of a released game, but, I don’t intend to discuss release dates, publishing plans, etc., as those are all irrelevant to me working on the prototype right now.

Will weekly updates end??

I’ll probably change these updates to once every 2 weeks or later, but the timing of trying to get out an update on a specific day each week has been annoying and that’s why this one is late too. I can’t really stick to one timeline of releasing updates, so there might be some really late updates… …but there will still be updates!

These updates aren’t meant to build hype for the game (that’s what demos, trailers, events, etc. are for) though if you’re interested in it, check in to the website if you want.

Where can I get more info???

the Capsule Dragons website has more information, check the list of development updates which should be listed.

thanks for reading, sorry that there’s no decent gameplay to show right now