Infidemia Development Update (25): Infidemia MSE

(Please note, this is an April Fool’s Day article for April 1 2022. This isn’t meant to be taken seriously, so please take this with several grains of salt, or however many you deem necessary.)

Infidemia’s latest update includes an all-new game mode, called Infidemia MSE. What does “MSE” stand for, anyway? Well, you’ll find out, soon enough…!

(Found the MSE Outfit.) Infidemia, April Fool's Day 2022

All your favorite masculine protagonists from Infidemia can obtain this special outfit that is sure to increase their stats in battle!

Of course, as being part of an entirely-new mode to Infidemia, Male Swimsuit Edition alters the default sprites and character portaits, for the playable characters whom have the MSE Outfit (Male Swimsuit Edition Outfit).

First, let's introduce ourselves. (Infidemia MSE on April Fool's Day 2022)

Even on the first day of the summer school year, all male protagonists in the party at the beginning of the game will wear these stylish swimsuits! Playable characters that join the party later in the game will show up in their MSE outfits as well!

This update will come as a free pre-order bonus to anyone that purchased Infidemia on March 32nd, 2021.

However, this update will also be uninstalled from the game’s internal files on April 1st, 2022, so, this should give players enough time to experience Infidemia’s Male Swimsuit Edition.

[Infidemia title screen for April Fool's Day] Infidemia: Male Swimsuit Edition       New Game    Load Game    Setting

Since Infidemia is still in development, I’m not sure when or if this mode will be available, but, it should improve the user experience of the game and provide an enhanced entertainment value.

i might add this as an actual feature in the game… …though it’s time for me to work on the actual gameplay now

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