Infidemia Development Update (26)

It’s been 3 months since the last development update…!
What’s really happening with Infidemia’s development??

  • About the update schedule
    Previously, there would be a new update once every week (though the update schedule hasn’t been that way since at least a year ago…). However, development updates about Infidemia will probably continue to spontaneously appear (though not disappear) whenever that is.
    While working on the game, I don’t write updates about it, though when I’m not working on it, I do write updates about Infidemia… …I can’t write an update about Infidemia while I’m working on it, and I can’t work on Infidemia while I’m writing an update about it.
    So, there have been a lot of changes to the game recently (in comparison to progress made between the weekly development updates).
    Most of the intro for the game is at a prototype stage – the first few major story events, 3 boss fights, dungeons, are mostly working. There are still some weird bugs going on, but for the most part, the battle system is functional (no more dialogue/move description errors; there was a thing where the “Poison” status and the “Burn” status had the same attributes, despite what they were supposed to do…).
    Additionally, one of the seven playable characters who did not have a player sprite before now has a prototype set of animations for the overworld and battle, so they’re kind of playable now (no longer an invisible sprite hiding somewhere on the screen).

  • Features / size of the game world
    I noticed some inconsistencies with the planned size of the game world and what areas would be explorable – to address that, there are some areas that won’t be in Infidemia despite having some temporary maps and background music ready. These areas might make it into the game later, but the game world’s overall size is narrowed on the fictional city where most of the story takes place.

  • Bugfixes
    Fixed an issue where the bus would split into two halves and not properly animate
    Fixed an issue where the “0th” day of the month would appear instead of the correct date
    Added battle rewards that were supposed to be added earlier
    Fixed typo of “resistence” (incorrect usage of “resistance” compared with “resistence”)
    Rename stats to consistent names
    Fixed an issue where a story event would repeat indefinitely
    (Described above) Rewrote status descriptions for “Poison” and “Burn” (these aren’t the same statuses)
    Prevented the player from walking through tables if an item was on top of the table
    Fixed an issue where the bus wouldn’t stop when it arrived at its destination

  • Other updates (for debug/testing purposes)
    Also added support for running the game in some Linux distributions. Not sure if Linux will be a supported platform or not.
    Tried to reduce lag on some Android devices, not sure if Android will be a supported platform or not.

  • end of update description text
    Infidemia’s still being worked on, though update announcements will probably continue to be infrequent. Overall, it’s been interesting to experiment with this project, and I’ll still work on it.

    until the next update,