Infidemia Development Update (27)

  • added missing dialogue to an encounter (there was already dialogue made, it just wouldn’t appear in a certain version of that encounter because it was used for the other one)
  • added dialogue to other encounters (progressing through battle this way will now be possible for earlier random battles)
  • secretly working on something for this game
  • made a custom tool to convert music tracks im making into the proper formats
  • made a custom tool to catalog changes in development faster
  • prototype “victory” music (should really be called “battle results” music because there are three versions of it, depending on how the player wishes to approach conflict, this music for those different results corresponds. will there be music for the intentions of the player, though…? i’m not sure)
  • getting to a part in the story that i haven’t been sure how to write so far, so i’m still working on figuring this part out. in the mean time, working on a puzzle for the latest “dungeon” (is it a dungeon?).
  • recorded some dialogue typing sound effects for the text boxes

That’s about it for today’s update. Sorry about the vague descriptions of what’s changed so far, I’m trying to balance a way of technical/story changes without typing up the story…

…speaking of the story, though… …Most actions the player can choose in this game are inconsequential, although because there are some actions (and perhaps items..??) that may change the path the story takes, technically, it’s a “choose your path adventure”, although the way I’m working on it so far is by writing the default path first (if the player were to do nothing that would change the flow of the story in any direction; essentially the game without the “what if”s). I’ve been taking notes inside the game about how the story could change depending on the chosen actions, and have a general idea of how to implement these changes, although to be honest I’m not sure when to start adding those paths, so I’ll probably provide more updates to this component once I feel that the story is somewhat consistent and understandable (in its current state, character dialogue just feels off).

Because Infidemia is being made with the potential for different player-defined goals in mind, there is no “definite” or “correct” way to play the game… …There are certain preset paths that may suggest what goal to take, but, the point of adding these choices is so that the player can experiment and play Infidemia how they would like to.

So, on that note, I’m not quite sure how far I am in the game’s story, or what the ending will be, or if there will be more than one ending. I have a rough draft of one ending for Infidemia that has since become part of the main story, though this doesn’t mean the game will be significantly longer – the goal is to provide 2 hours of gameplay, from “New Game” to wherever the game ends (credits, end sequence, etc.).

Thanks for taking the time to check out this update, and showing interest in Infidemia’s development.

I hope to eventually have a demo ready sometime, and collect feedback, though perhaps I will release a demo when the rest of the game is ready? I don’t know yet -_-

Until the next update,