Infidemia Development Update (28)

It’s been a while since the last update.

Here are some things that have changed since then:

  • Fixed bugs where a certain vehicle wouldn’t properly appear in some scenes (if there is more than 1 party member, this would usually fail, now it is mostly fixed)
  • Finished up the latest dungeon, this one took a while due to working on other aspects of the game
  • Placeholder music tracks for most of Infidemia’s playable maps are now properly looping, and load (still have to fix some, but it should probably work for now)
  • Worked on prototyping tracks for various parts of the game, not sure which ones will be used or not
  • Fixed a glitch where a character would be given an item at the wrong point in the story
  • Added a missing weather effect to a certain place; it will now properly appear/disappear instead of displaying incorrectly inside interior rooms.
  • Made sure some details in the story matched up with gameplay (as an example, descriptions of what an item is, and how it functions in the story, does that match up to how the player can or cannot use it in the items menu?)
  • Worked on a custom tool that makes it easier to keep track of development

Not much development has really been going on with Infidemia, though there have been some delays in getting another update for the game posted (so, this will likely be the last post of 2022, considering it is almost the end of December 2022 and it’s almost the start of January 2023).

As this is a project I’m making for fun and not really part of anything else, I’m not constantly working on the game (although I probably should focus on it more!). Been considering if I should ask for help with this project, but, for now as the development is going fine so far it appears that may not be a concern (yet??).

There might not be more updates for a while again, though whenever the next update is posted, there will probably be something to update or write about there…

…Been working on some other projects as well (which probably won’t be mentioned here), so maybe there will be an announcement later about the “Capsule Dragons” series (which is what this website was initially created for, as a blog about a game I was working on in it). However, that will probably be posted in the Capsule Dragons related parts of this website, and not in the Infidemia Development Updates (so i won’t include any more info here).

About Infidemia development – there have been some new features and edits to the game, although at this point it’s mostly about testing which features to focus on, and which ones to remove or scale back as necessary – I noticed a lot of things in the battle system that seem to be more redundant than interesting, and generally try to approach this with a way to focus on simple mechanics that have multiple uses, which has been a change from the initial plans for this project. I personally think simplicity and/or complexity in game mechanics can both be interesting, but it really just depends on how the game is designed around those mechanics, and if the gameplay style benefits more from one, maybe it’s worth trying to focus on that? There are many good examples of simple or complex games, and also of games that manage to balance both. though i’m working on this as a personal project so it’s probably not going to have anywhere near the same level of consideration about game design as a professional project might… …meaning this project will most likely not be enjoyable to play.
maybe in the future i’ll think about this kind of stuff more when working on it, for now, it’s about working on a functional prototype.

Anyway, there will probably be some updates again in the future. Maybe like some time in early or mid-2023? Until then, there might not be a lot of changes to this website. Thank you for reading the latest update!