Infidemia Development Update (29)

As a side note, the Capsule Dragons website should now be back online (website maintenance).

Anyway, here are some notes about the development of “Infidemia”:

Infidemia is more of a personal project than an actively-developed game, and so, the timing of when I decide to work on it, when I decide to update this website, is technically random…?

The reason why there are no screenshots, no gameplay footage, and no demo of the game, is because this is a personal project that I’m not sure of publishing/releasing yet. I know it’s probably going to fail to deliver on many aspects of gameplay and have an inconsistent story, but, in case I decide to release it, that will be the “first draft” of the game, and player feedback will help to revise the game.

At first, I think there was a possibility that I wanted to keep revising the game until I thought it was good enough to release, and use that as the first draft, but, now that I’ve realized how that would only lead into the same development cycle and still be an unfinished “first draft”, I think (assuming that I do decide to release this game) feedback and suggestions, as well as general responses, will be taken seriously, and are required in order to get past that “first draft” of the game.

So, in case Infidemia is officially released or available or something, I’ll make sure to use this post as a reference as well. For now, though, I still consider this game a personal project that I’m working on in my free time, for my own enjoyment, so, it is unlikely that this game will be given as detailed updates as something like the Capsule Dragons series.

The game is not cancelled, although there are aspects that I have decided to pause working on (not cancel, but, pause) and resume at a later point. I’ve recently made some changes to the game that were planned a while ago, but I chose to delay in favor of getting the current parts of the game done for now. I might think of another feature that I could quickly add, but, if it breaks the game, I will usually add it in later, and try to focus on what was currently being worked on before that. Choosing what to prioritize and what needs completed first can be frustrating, but, doing so helps with making sure the gameplay loop and systems work as intended.

Development updates:

  • Mostly bugfixes and (a minimal amount) of some story stuff.
  • Some grammatical/grammar fixes to some of the story stuff.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not progress past a certain day, forcing the player to close the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would get stuck repeating the same tutorial, despite having already cleared it.
  • Changed some aspects of how movement works.
  • Fixed many bugs where the game would crash due to missing resources (or placeholder content).
  • Fixed a bug where using a certain kind of battle command would cause battles to crash the game.
  • Began testing the game on another platform, and working on some custom stuff to help with development.
  • Changed something in the game that should make the repeating events less annoying (faster).

Until the next update,