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(This page may answer potential questions about this website.)

I hope that accidentally finding this page was at least more entertaining than a server error...

This is a random website by a random independent game developer (unofficial, only makes games during free time) going by the pseudonym “ZoruaAl”.

If you are here for the privacy policy: https://www.capsuledragons.com/privacy-policy/

A really big disclaimer: This is not an official news source. Please do not use this website to gather any information about real-world topics. Any descriptions of real-world topics will be opinion-based, and this is an informal blog. Please take this into consideration when reading my “real world commentary” (also known as opinion).

Subject matter: I try to talk about a few things (game development, personal life, commenting on the real world, opinions) though I struggle to get my point across and often seem like I am entitled, arrogant, and self-deprecating (more information on that below.)

I also write excessively long descriptions and paragraphs as seen on this website, however, I am planning to write in a more summarized style.

I don’t really work on many games though sometimes I post news here about them.

(Update: fixed the “not secure” error about the webpage)

About the game series of the same name

Capsule Dragons is a series of games that is getting its first real game, finally. It has been developed through Scratch, and the Scratch programming software is owned by MIT, but each game so far has been very small and —not fully developed. You can read more about its “real game” on the “Newest Game” page.

About the website: I write about a lot of topics here and note that 99.99999999999999999999999999% of everything is opinion-based. According to reputable sources, this is not a reputable source of information for current events, game development, or really anything. This is a blog… if anything I said has been useful to you, thanks for visiting. If anything I said has made a negative impact on you, I will not forgive myself and do not expect to be forgiven, however, I will take that into consideration to improve this website (this is why I add updates at the tops of pages that may be about more serious topics, especially when I mess up and end up writing something insensitive. Consider those updates as corrections, apologies, or anything, though if there is a decent page that I wrote without updates, then that was probably a short genuine comment I made, although there are few of those… I have good intentions, at least, from my limited perspective).

Information announced on this site are usually about games still in development, so do not take anything said on this website as final information! [Including my opinions on real life]

About the series: I try to make Capsule Dragons games fun and positive, being quick browser games you can boot up and play through in 30 minutes or less (or play for a minute, since I don’t think someone would go through the whole game… …if someone did, well, thanks for showing interest, I’m glad you were entertained by the game, as that was the goal). 

About me: A random person on the internet who will not talk about personally identifiable information (that’s already out there…). I go by the pseudonym “ZoruaAl” and have an account on Scratch if anyone’s interested in what I post there. I no longer associate this website with my Scratch account, mostly because this website has gotten really out of hand on terms of keeping it about game development only. As much as I think it’s important to talk about topics of interest in this blog, I feel like it’s not a good idea to have people on Scratch be redirected to this page, because my opinions are unrelated to my Scratch games.

I prefer to be referred to as “ZoruaAl” in case anyone is wondering. For more details on how I would like to be referred when contacted on Scratch, please check my account there.

I apologize for a lack of giving contact info for anyone interested in this website (for any reason, or not) can use to contact me in cases of website corrections or important issues going on here with the website.

I am not an official game developer, artist, musician, or anything else that I may have claimed to be. I am also writing this unofficial blog, but I am not an official journalist or an official blog author.

Copyright policy / licensing / etc.: I will update this section when applicable / when I hear what the rules about copyright and licensing for my games is. As of now this is left blank because I need an official response. In 2021 I have yet to figure this out. I am still researching licenses for works.

Fangame/Derivative Work Policy (Includes Contact Info, but only for things I do on the Scratch website): 

There’s my Scratch profile (scratch.mit.edu/users/ZoruaAl) and for any of my Scratch games the regular Scratch policies apply (remix, share, add to studio, comment, modify, download, etc.). For anything Scratch-related, feel free to contact me through any of my projects or profile, though that’s generally what someone would do on Scratch anyway… …I reply either once every week, once every two weeks, or once every month. Sometimes once every year. I’ll be online, just at random times, so this should be noted. If there is anything Scratch-related that I should be doing on this website, please contact me on my Scratch profile. I will likely only respond in English (or potentially Spanish, though please note I’m not fluent in the language and will likely make many mistakes. Please feel free to correct me, as I would like to learn more), though I may attempt to use Google Translate for any questions/comments in languages I am unfamiliar with.

Then there’s the Capsule Dragons website which is different.

For demos (demonstrations of games in development), I would prefer it if you link to the Capsule Dragons website (using the full URL or a permalink to the page), and for any resources being used from projects in development, I’d prefer credit and a link back to this original website. This includes reuploading, redistribution, reuploading of modified resources, etc…

…On terms of making a fangame/work based on something I made (this is just hypothetical, as I don’t make good games), I would prefer to be contacted about the project through this website (more details coming ????), though anything anyone makes based on something I made is made by them; however, for anything involving content that I made (part of the script for a game, programs, art, music, etc.), I would prefer to be credited and contacted about this (I’m fine with people using resources from my projects, I just want to hear about those projects and how they’re going)  even if those resources are modified… this is all “what I prefer” because as an independent party on terms of licensing I can’t really make up a license that holds anyone (including myself) accountable. 

About copyright stuff, well, I’m not an expert on legal documents or copyright or anything involving the law, though I am actively researching this in my spare time. If someone makes a fangame and they used resources I made but I don’t see credit, I’ll play the fangame but I won’t take it down or anything. If anyone else attempts to take down the fangame due to violating my terms I made up, please contact me so I can ask them why they took it down and possibly get the fangame back online, though if there were copyrights it violated from other sources/another author, I will attempt to check in with the other sources first, though if it’s not about only the things I worked on, I will probably not assist in getting it back online. I just ask that credit is given, see the section below for more info.

(This is hypothetically hypothetical about a situation that could happen but I don’t know) Also, about making a derivative work for profit, how about, a Capsule Dragons fangame of the 99th game in the series, the 99th game being “Capsule Dragons RPG 10 the adventure 2.0 now with DLC characters and references”, and the fangame being titled something more creative. I prefer that anything based on something I made is released non-commercially (for free) though in the future I will post contact information here where I can discuss individually about commercial fangames, which will likely result in the outcome of “ok, sell the game, just make sure to give credit here or something, and maybe send me a free download code so I can play it as well”… I will update this when I research the legal aspects of this, though for now it’s just what I prefer, and as I don’t have contact info available yet a lot of this could change. This is the only hypothetical answer I have thought of and I don’t really make games that are good enough to use as inspiration.


If you’d like to credit anything I’ve been working on, here’s how I would prefer credit is given: (replace [Resource Name] with a type of resource or the name of the content; add what it’s from as well, like ‘Capsule Dragons Adventure Demo’, filenames are acceptable [Cat1.png from Super Speedy Laser Cats] and so are informal names like “that one map design to the left of the main city, from Super Speedy Laser Cats”). This only applies to resources directly from something I made – remixes of a music track, art based on a character concept that you designed, are your work. 

[Resource Name] by ZoruaAl (https://www.capsuledragons.com/)


Super Speedy Laser Cats Battle Theme 2 by ZoruaAl (https://www.capsuledragons.com/)

Or, if you used all of the music

Super Speedy Laser Cats Music by ZoruaAl (https://www.capsuledragons.com/)

For anything that I’m making on Scratch, the platform allows you to add credits easily and that’s handled on Scratch not on Capsule Dragons so please don’t ask about that here… thank you in advance for reading this.

Infidemia Modification Policy: (Updated!)

I did some more research on the EULA of the game engine that I’m using for this project and modifications to the game using the customizations I made to allow modifications are no longer usable.

It will still be possible to access in-game things like debug rooms and cheat codes to have the user manage their save data in customized ways, but, running user-made code in this game will not be possible, as it actually has a chance to be used to cause harmful activity.

I should have considered that from the start, but please note that I’m trying my best to follow along with what I am allowed to do within the resources I am using for this project.

Infidemia’s not meant to be a harmful computer file, and as usual I test downloads on the Capsule Dragons website to make sure they don’t mess up my devices.

Please include to a link to this page and heading at https://www.capsuledragons.com/about/

For Infidemia, as this is a change that I think should be mentioned as I considered allowing user-made code but this game isn’t focused on that… …it’s focused on the user playing the game, and modifying how the game runs on terms of executable programs (executable code files within the main executable program of the game itself) means that there are a few risks with this and I’d rather have the game be safer this way.

Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in my projects.