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Ultra Battles Countered Update

Disclaimer: I edited some data to make it look like this post was released in 1999. However, this wasn’t really published then. Sorry about the issues with a lack of a clear timeframe. (Update posted 3-19-2021.)

note: Ultra Battles Countered will not be getting many more updates. If it does, those will only be balance changes and quality of life changes (like making menus more user-friendly, or making sure characters don’t have way too much power over each other).

In place of those updates you can look to see a possible “next entry” in the Ultra Battles series. The next game will use Countered’s base engine, as that was reliable enough, but will for sure have customizable controls and balance changes – nothing else to say for now.

You won’t see any new characters in the next game, but, there’s still a possibility that characters will be added in over time.

–A time traveller

Also, if you’re wondering “Wait, but Ultra Battles wasn’t around in 1999”, then you may be wondering why this page exists. I do not know. I will be working to resolve any “website errors” that show “messing with time”. Until then you can expect to see more Capsule Dragons updates. I added this last paragraph October 24 2019 (the same day that this page was added). Please be aware that the website did not originally start in the 1990s, for Capsule Dragons 1 released in the 2010s.