wow i need to work on my art skills

Dark Dragon's AirshipWith 3 years of Capsule Dragons, it’s also 3 years of Dark Dragon! Here’s his huge airship over a grassy field in Northern Oceanworld. This one was meant to be made on November 3oth, but instead, in 2016, it was made a bit after. Dark Dragon hasn’t been active for a while… …I wonder why? Airships, skies, and places.

candywallpaperThe first Capsule Dragons 2 wallpaper is here! It showcases Candy, a secret dragon in Capsule Dragons 2. If you know how to edit and change Capsule Dragons 2, it’s possible to play as Candy.

CD1This background took about 20 minutes to make, due to combining almost every single level from the first Capsule Dragons game. It is a neat background, though when viewing it on a larger screen, you might see “Chapter  __: ______”! It is a great wallpaper for those of you that have beaten Capsule Dragons  (first game, not 2, 3, DX, etc).

ziinobackdrop4 Capsule Dragons stageFun wallpapers are here! Click on them, then save the image by right clicking on it and selecting “Save image” then set it as your desktop background! These first three are from Capsule Dragons. More of these wallpapers will come out this summer, and in fall, Capsule Dragons 2: Dark Dragon’s Return wallpapers will be added. Don’t forget that you can print out a wallpaper to have it be a small poster! Yes, I did decide to make a ziino wallpaper 😛