Capsule Dragons Pocket/Adventure

(Latest news about Capsule Dragons Pocket/Adventure.)

Capsule Dragons Adventure development is currently paused. The project has been worked on a lot, and now I’m taking a break for a while, so stay tuned for release date information on the second demo (the game has no final release date yet, but the second demo will feature all levels from the first world, which are not shown in the demo already released). I look forward to making more Capsule Dragons Adventure levels, but for now, a break will be good. The game is being almost completely remade, however, the redesign process is worth it. From a while ago, the level design was looking much better. The multiplayer might get removed at a point, but, with development “nothing is final until the released game”!

Stay tuned for updates on what the next demo could have!!

Disclaimer: Information is about a game still being developed. All information mentioned here is not final, and may not represent the final product of the game.

Update: 6 playable characters feature will be canceled for Capsule Dragons Adventure. And four-player co-op will probably not be in Capsule Dragons Adventure. (Despite what it says on the other pages)

A melee attack, the Fire Claw, was added!

More animations might come soon!

Also, there won’t be any more news updates for a while!! The game needs to be worked on!!

Yay, more features! Four-player co-op was added… don’t expect it to be in the final product of Capsule Dragons Adventure. Capsule Dragons Adventure is still being worked on.