Capsule Dragons HD

A new Capsule Dragons game, the original, but re-programmed, bug-fixed, fine-tuned and with a different art style, is coming! This remake of the original game gets its official demo coming November 30th, 2018. To celebrate another year of Capsule Dragons, the demo will be released!

November 30th 2019 : PUBLIC BETA TEST! COMMENT AND SUGGEST CHANGES! any comments made will be listened to, unless they’re too crazy for me to do within Scratch. or if they’re unrelated to Capsule Dragons.

Note: A bug has been found in the demo! Enemies drop too many experience points in the demo (when in the real game, they give you a different amount entirely).

And, I’m still taking a break on Capsule Dragons Adventure 🙂

…So don’t expect any new Capsule Dragons content for a while!

When does Capsule Dragons HD come out? Early 2020 is the temporary release date, expect to see more details in late 2019.

It’s an interesting project that I’m adding some new features to (score tracker and world high score features) so that it feels more arcade-game like. After all, the original Capsule Dragons could be possible to clear in twenty minutes or less!!

Some new features for the full version: (this list will expand as time goes on)

-Mobile support (play using touchscreen controls that can be left-handed, right-handed, or wherever you want to place them!)

-A difficulty setting on the title screen with a “?” button that also lets you change the volume of music, and your preferred placement of touchscreen buttons. The difficulty goes from zero (easiest) to ten (toughest) and can surely test your strength (or your player dragon’s strength!)

-World High Score competition (who can get the highest score while signed into a Scratch account?)

-One new playable character, maybe another in an update? (Who could it be? Stay tuned to find out!)

-You can use codes instead of scanning capsules to add dragons / change who you’re playing as– scanning capsules might not work, so stay tuned in to the Capsule Dragons website to find out codes for capsules you can use in the full game!

…And maybe more!