Mobile games (arcade)

This page is a collection of arcade-styled Capsule Dragons games. It used to be called Capsule Dragons Arcade.


Play in a 1v1 soccer battle game, with more features getting added as time goes on– this is a Scratch exclusive ( , which is not owned by me ) that is for 1-2 players (2 players on one keyboard).    <—- play the game here! It can be played on a computer, on a phone, or tablet, too! (Just tap the touchscreen control settings on the title screen in the top right and left to change the control settings. The action buttons can be on the left or right side.)

Or, play the game here-

For the latest news on Capsule Dragons Soccer Smash, check the Capsule Dragons website to get all this news early!

The first update is that you can now choose different characters, so Dark Dragon and Sparkideon will be coming to Capsule Dragons Soccer Smash as Power characters, a new style of character that focuses on moving slow to aim the soccer ball carefully, then hitting it with tons of force to send it flying! Be careful, though- speedy dragons like Thunder and Icey (already out) will be able to counter your movements by attacking your player dragon if you’re playing a character that moves slower.


An infinite runner game! How far can you run and slide over obstacles? This game works on tablets, phones, and computers:

As you progress through higher levels, levels 1-10 being “easy”, levels 15-20 being “normal”, and so on, you’ll encounter more obstacles and the game will slowly start to get faster… although the game is simple to play, it is hard to master!