welcome to the capsule dragons website

Welcome to the Capsule Dragons website!

I am aware of issues going to this website that result in a “not secure” message; please try typing in https://www.capsuledragons.com , as the “www.” before “capsuledragons.com” seems to fix this.

Please head to the About page, as you may have accidentally found this website, the personal blog of someone who sometimes works on making video games.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional independent game developer, I am just someone random who happens to work on games in my free time.

Or maybe you’re looking for the privacy policy: https://www.capsuledragons.com/privacy-policy/

Update: Due to a lack of clarity and accuracy on this website regarding my opinions about current events (instead of providing detailed analysis with references to sources to back up claims, everything here has mostly been opinion-based, which is not professional), I have added a follow-up post to read if you are interested in reading about how I will handle issues that come up in the future. Additionally, any commentary about real-world events will be marked as opinion (with a website tag to make this blog appear as an opinion article, additionally). Please click this link, titled “Correction”, if you are interested: Correction | Capsule Dragons

There are several projects I am currently working on.

Infidemia: I will update that page on this website when I feel like I should update it. This is a role playing game that I’ve been working on. There are no screenshots available or a demo. Or really anything. Sorry. This page has information about its development so far, if you are interested (it will be updated): https://www.capsuledragons.com/2021/08/08/infidemia-development-updates/

Capsule Dragons HD: Probably the last project on Scratch I was doing. If you would like to see what I’m up to on Scratch, go check out https://scratch.mit.edu/users/ZoruaAl/
I won’t post updates about my Scratch projects on this website, as I don’t link the website to my user profile there and I might showcase some projects on this website, but this website is more to focus on a blog.

Super Speedy Laser Cats: Most recent (2 years ago…) project I was working on in the Unity 3D engine. Please see the Capsule Dragons page for more information. (Demo available. Please note that you will need two controllers at least and you will need to configure them within the game launcher before playing. It is also probably not an official executable file so your digital security on your computer might flip out about it, I apologize.)

Capsule Dragons Adventure: Longest running, but now it’s been like at least three years without an update on it, longest running but definitely delayed project I was working on in the Unity 3D engine as well. There is a very short demo available, it has the same disclaimer as Super Speedy Laser Cats, though, however you only require one controller. There is four player support, but I forgot how it works and I apologize for the confusion.

There are a few other things I’m working on in my free time (game development projects) though I feel that they aren’t quality enough to post here yet.

Please note that this website does not get updated on a regular schedule (it’s a personal blog that I don’t have a consistent timeframe to update on) and it may be one month to one year before this front page or anything changes.

If you are interested in hearing about my opinions, please head over to the Recent Posts section, located to the left of this page.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Huh? You found the secret message? Where is it? Oh, wait, it’s here

(the secret message is that this sentence here is the secret message)

…well, guess I better work on hiding messages better next time.

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  1. Hello there… …we have been receiving spam recently. Just saying. If anything is not by ZoruaAl, it is spam.

  2. New details on Capsule Dragons Adventure have been added! One day after I finished adding the new features… …wow, that was fast. I hope you’re all looking forward to the new game!

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