(This is an old page about Capsule Dragons Adventure, a game that I was working on and has not been updated in a while. This page isn’t good to look back on though)

Well, after a long time, the new collectible for Capsule Dragons Adventure is announced: Mini Reactor Cores! Read about them on the Main Page if you’d like spoilers about them. Originally, there were going to be multi-coloured Gems in the game that you could go finding, but now, there are Mini Reactor Cores. Their role in the story is very important. ALSO, Mini Reactor Cores are not a currency in the game! However, they are used in the game, and don’t serve as a “useless item”.

Well, “Meep Alerts” has been renamed to be “Secret-Finding-Tips”, because the meaning of a “meep” in my Capsule Dragons series is a “secret”, if you didn’t get that before. In Capsule Dragons Adventure, there are shortcuts to levels, secret loot rooms, hidden stuff, and some more spoilers that I would rather not share right now (because they would, in fact, spoil parts of the story) and will be shared later. I am also working on my own strategy guide for my own game, Capsule Dragons Adventure, so don’t expect me to list every single secret. And… Micro is a hidden character, just like in the alpha. Unlocking him takes quite a while and will involve multiple steps with multiple mini steps in those steps, so I can explain all of that later.

Have fun finding secrets!

Speaking of which, Capsule Dragons Adventure (previously Capsule Dragons Pocket) has 2 player local co-op on the same screen. Now you can look for secrets with a friend, family member, or stranger!

Yay! 🙂 😮