Super Speedy Laser Cats

Latest updates:

Working on bug fixes, menus for things that are unannounced, and maybe adding a few new features. Making sure the project stays at a manageable scale, meaning only working on certain parts of the game at a time, and only working on things that will benefit the game– if a feature is added, it’s a good feature, necessary to the game. A release date is not ready to be shared yet, since the game is not close to completion, so that just means Super Speedy Laser Cats is getting better every day! This [Super Speedy Laser Cats] is the main focus of the developers of Capsule Dragons Adventure right now. I’ll share more news when possible, so for those of you reading about the project’s development, thank you for being patient with the game. At least you have a demo you can download from here, at the bottom of the page!

Hello Capsule Dragons website viewers! I have been working on a new, four-player action platformer battle game called Super Speedy Laser Cats! This will be the primary project I work on for a while, so expect news updates and more screenshots about the game to come out. This demo requires two controllers (at least) to play that are compatible with Unity 3D games (Laser cats is built in Unity3D). The game is styled to look like a retro video game, with a slightly limited color palette and graphics! The how-to-play is in the game, and a credits screen, so check those out in the level select. Of course, gameplay balance adjustments will come out, so the hammer will not stay a broken weapon forever… But that’s okay. Download the demo file here, titled ” SuperSpeedyLaserCats ” to play! It’s two to four players, and is multiplayer only right now, on one computer. The game only works on Windows computers for now, since that’s the only platform that I can publish to that supports controllers.

(The demo download is at the bottom of the page)

What do I do in the demo?

You can play 8 different levels, which all have different platforms and strategies to use in them. Your goal is to defeat the most cats (other players) before the three minutes are up! Battle rules, different rules you can change, like battle time, lives, etc. will come in a later version or demo.

Graphics requirements:

A 16:9 ratio display is required to play. A lot of screen resolutions support this, like 720p (1280 x 720) or 1080p (1920 x 1080).

Controller requirements:

Xbox One controllers should work (Xbox One and the controller for it are not owned by ZoruaAl) or any Unity-compatible controller that supports analog triggers for the unique dashing mechanic, and a left stick for selecting/moving. At least 5 buttons on the controller are good (not all 5 are used, there is only jump, use weapon, and Start).

Cat select:

Level select, with a random button!:

Title screen, also retro-styled:

Here’s the demo to play:

SuperSpeedyLaserCats  (34 MB)

The demo has a small filesize, so it should be able to be started quickly. The loading times in the game are very fast, so if you are switching levels after a battle, don’t expect delays!